Scented candles are lovely, of course, but what if you want your home to be filled with delicious fragrance all of the time?


Our luxury Reed Diffusers are sophisticated little bottles filled with essential oil blends, the scent of which is then distributed by rattan reeds inserted into the bottle.  Our diffusers cover a huge range of fragrances - from relaxing to invigorating - that will work well in every room.


For a wonderful experience try one of our Duo Sets - a beautifully scented candle accompanied by a diffuser to compliment.


Always follow the safety instructions which can be found on the base of the diffuser.

Square Clear Glass Diffuser

    • Unscrew the collar and remove the seal
    • Replace the collar and insert the reeds
    • Allow 48hrs for the fragrance to fill the room with scent.
    • For a stronger scent turn daily